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Welcome to the 2018 Spring Meeting of the Research Committee on Social Stratification and Mobility (RC28) of the International Sociological Association (ISA).

The meeting takes place at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, on May 25-27, 2018. It is organized by the Korea Inequality Research Network in collaboration with Yonsei University, Chung-Ang University, and Institute of Social Science at Korea University.

The theme of the meeting is Rethinking Social Inequality in the Globalizing World. For the last few decades, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of social change in its scale and intensity due to rapid globalization. One of the primary concerns of the globalizing world has been the increasing social inequality across countries, and now we are facing a new set of issues and challenges both unprecedented thus unprepared. We hope the 2018 spring meeting in Seoul (re)vitalizes discussion on social inequalities, rethinking its challenges and implications in the globalizing world.

Important dates

About Seoul

All you need to know about the basics of traveling to Seoul.
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Korean Contemporary History

The contemporary history of the Korean peninsula has been a tumultuous tale of decolonization, war, rapid economic development and successful democratization
The following information will be shown some pieces of the contemporary history of Korea. Three special exhibitions and nine documentaries lead you to understand about contemporary Korean history through various themes and topics. The below is provided by the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History.

National Museum of Korean Contemporary History

The National Museum of Korean Contemporary History is Korea's first museum recording the nation’s comprehensive history from the late nineteenth century to current time. It opened on December 26, 2012 and located in Seoul, near the Gyeongbokgung Palace. The museum is dedicated to exhibiting, collecting and interpreting contemporary Korean history.
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Conference Information

business_center Local Organizers

We are members of the Korea Inequality Research Network, which is an international network of inequality researchers working on diverse topics in Korea and beyond.

Kwang-Yeong Shin(Chung-Ang University)

Young-Mi Kim(Yonsei University)

Bongoh Kye(Kookmin University)

Yool Choi(Korea National University of Education)

Sun-Jae Hwang(Chungnam National University)

Sungkyun Lee(University of Ulsan)

Keong-Suk Park(Seoul National University)

Myoung-Hee Kim(People's Health Institute)

Myoung-Jin Lee(Korea University)

Yoo-Jean Song(Dong-A University)

Juhyun Kim(Chungnam National University)

Dohoon Lee(Yonsei University)

business_center Venue and Fees

The meeting will be held on Yonsei University.

[How to get to the Venue!]

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RC28 membership required

Only the members of Research Committee 28 can attend the conference. Membership in RC28 is open to social scientists from all disciplines upon payment of the required membership fee. If you do not have a membership, you must become a member before registration.
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Registration Fee
for the RC 28 Spring Meeting

Discounted Registration Until April 15

  • Regular Members $250
  • Students who must send copy of student ID or other proof $110
  • Scholars from low and middle income countries (see here) $125

Regular Registration Until May 13

  • Regular Members $325
  • Students and scholars from low and middle income countries $200

On-site Registration

  • Members $350
  • Students and scholars from low and middle income countries $225

2018 ISA RC28 Spring Meeting

Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

May 25-27, 2018

Abstract Submission

Online abstract submission: December 1st, 11:59 pm (GMT +9)

Participants should submit a title, an extended abstract (800–1000 words), and up to 5 keywords. The extended abstract should include a clear description of the research question, theoretical framework, data, and main findings.
You should decide the form of contribution before registration: oral presentation or poster presentation. However, the form of contribution can be changed due to a peer review process by the program committee. The deadline for submission of the full papers is May 1, 2018.

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Full Paper Submission

The deadline for full/final paper submission is May 15, 2018

All presenters with full payment are available to submit full paper.


Full paper is Open now

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Travel Award

The RC28 Travel Awards Fund assists students and members in special needs by subsidizing their travel to RC28 conferences, in order to present their work. The following categories of members qualify for such support:

- Students

- RC28 members in special need

The travel awards are given in recognition of good scholarship in the field of stratification. The applicant’s paper must be accepted by the conference’s organizer. Awards will not exceed 750 US Dollars, and are given only once in a four-year period to the same person.

Please send your application by the deadline (February 15, 2018) to the conference organizer and the Secretary/Treasurer of the RC28, and include (a) the paper to be presented, (b) an itemized budget, (c) (short) letter of recommendation. The recipients will be informed of the awards by February 30, 2018, and the names of the recipients of the Travel Awards will be announced at the conference dinner of each local meeting.

Send applications to : and RC28 Secretary/Treasurer (Hiroshi Ishida,

Register for the Conference

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RC28 membership is required for participation in the meeting. Any social scientist can apply for membership in RC28. Applications should be addressed to Hiroshi Ishida, RC28 Secretary/Treasurer, . Please send the following information: your name, institutional affiliation, status (professor, student, etc), email address, and membership status (regular, regular with subsidized dues, or student). You will receive an invoice (either 100 US dollars or 20 US dollars, depending on your membership status). By paying the invoice, you will become a RC28 member. You must be a member before presenting your work at any RC28 meetings. More details about the membership can be found at

RC28 Membership

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RC 28 Program

You can download 'RC 28 Program'

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Full Paper

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Tour Information

DMZ & The War Memorial of Korea Full day Tour

For reservation or inquiries, please email ( or call us + 82-2-739-350

Tour - DMZ Special Tour

Time - 08:00 ~ 17:00

Date - 24th of May 2018, Thursday

Price - *121,000 krw p/p

  • 1. Yonsei University Pick up
  • 2. Imjingak Park
  • 3. The Bridge of Freedom
  • 4. The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel
  • 5. DMZ Theater/Exhibition Hall
  • 6. Dora Observatory
  • 7. Dorasan Station
  • 8. Unification Village (Pass by)
  • 9. Lunch
  • 10. The War Memorial of Korea
  • Drop off at Yonsei University

Tour guide, transportation, entrance fees and Lunch.

  • Passport is needed on the tour day.
  • No special dress code for DMZ tour.

Information of Tourist Attraction


This park was built to console the refugees who left North Korea during the Korean War. A train called “the Iron horse wants to run” symbolizes the railway connecting the north and the south that was dismantled during the war. Also, at the park are the following attractions; Mangbaedan, an altar set up for refugees to bow in the direction of their ancestral graveyards; Freedom bridge, which was built to free 12,773 prisoners in 1953; Unification pond, which is in the shape of the Korean Peninsula; and the Peace bell.

The 3 rd Tunnel

The 3rd Tunnel was discovered on October 17, 1978. It is located 52km from Seoul. Approximately 10,000 soldiers can move through this tunnel in 1 hour. When this tunnel was discovered, North Koreans insisted steadfastly that it was made by South Koreans to invade North Korea, but this proved to be false.

Dora Observatory

Built in 1986, this is the only place in South Korea where you have a clear view of Geaseong city, the third biggest city in North Korea. You can observe two flags, a propaganda village, Geaseong industrial complex, and one of the statues of Kim Il Sung.

Dorasan Station

Built in 2002 to reconnect Seoul and Sinuiju (kyoungui line), located in the civilian restriction line. The northernmost train station in South Korea which will be the first train station connecting to China, Siberia and Europe.

The War Memorial of Korea

The War Memorial of Korea, located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, exhibits and preserve materials related to the Korean War and serves as a national moral educational venue. It was established to commemorate the noble sacrifice of patriotic martyrs by the War Memorial Service Korea Society on June 10, 1994. The museum houses approximately 33,000 artifacts with about 10,000 on display at an indoor and outside exhibition halls.

Hotel Information

May is high season in Korea.
We highly recommend you to book your hotel as soon as possible.

Somerset Palace Seoul

room7, Yulgok-ro 2-gil, Jongno-gu,
Seoul, Korea
directions_walk7 minutes walking distance to 'Anguk' station (Line 3)
- Walk to the 'Anguk' subway station (Line 3 ,orange line)
- Transfer from Line 3 to Line 2 at 'Euljiro 3 (sam) ga' station
- Get off 'Sinchon' station, 6 stastions from 'Euljiro 3 (sam) ga'
- Exit No.2 or No. 3 and Walk to the Yonsei University
- 5~6 km to the venue

- Approx 7,000 KRW for fare (It may change due to traffic condition)

Koreana Hotel

directions_walk 10 minutes walking distance to 'City Hall' station (Line 2)
- Walk to the 'City Hall' subway station (Line 2 ,green line)
- Get off 'Sinchon' station, 4 stastions from 'City Hall'
- Exit No.2 or No. 3 and Walk to the Yonsei University
- 5km to the venue

- Approx 6,000 KRW for fare (It may change due to traffic condition)

The Plaza Seoul

directions_walk 4 minutes walking distance to 'City Hall' station (Line 2)
- Walk to the 'City Hall' subway station (Line 2 ,green line)
- Get off 'Sinchon' station, 4 stastions from 'City Hall'
- Exit No.2 or No. 3 and Walk to the Yonsei University
- 5~6 km to the venue

- Approx 7,000 KRW for fare (It may change due to traffic condition)

Courtyard by Marriot Seoul Namdaemun

room9 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu
Seoul, Korea
directions_walk9 minutes walking distance to 'City Hall' station (Line 2)

Ibis Ambassador Seoul Myeongdong

room59-5 Myeong-Dong 1Ga
Jung-gu Seoul, KOREA
directions_walk 3 minutes walking distance to ''Euljiro 1 (il) ga'' station (Line 2)

Lotte Hotel Seoul

room30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu
directions_walk 2 minutes walking distance to ''Euljiro 1 (il) ga'' station (Line 2)

Aloft Seoul Myeongdong

room56 Namdaemunro, Jung-gu
Seoul, Korea
directions_walk7 minutes walking distance to ''Euljiro 1 (il) ga'' station (Line 2)

Crown Park Hotel Seoul

room19, 7-gil, Namdeamunro
Seoul, Korea
directions_walk 6 minutes walking distance to ''Euljiro 1 (il) ga'' station (Line 2)

Hotel Shin Shin

directions_walk 9 minutes walking distance to 'City Hall' station (Line 2)

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